Destiny Retrieval

If an individual has, in the past, undergone extensive healing work, they may reach a point in their personal development where they feel balanced and at peace. None the less, they may still feel that their life is lacking in momentum, passion and/or purpose. Alternatively, we might be so deeply consumed by grief, pain or turmoil that we have completely lost sight of, or even hope for, the possibility of our desired future becoming a reality.

In both these situations Destiny Retrieval can be of immense benefit. For every person the future lies in front of them like the strands of a fibre optic lamp; that is, there exist multiple possible destinies and paths that they could experience. While it may require a tremendous amount of personal development for an individual to shift their destiny, at any point in their life they have the capacity and freedom to choose, and orientate themselves towards, a destiny different to the one they may have been predisposed to by their past.

This is the essence of Destiny Retrieval: I track, with complete impartiality, along the client's timelines to find their desired future, which exists as a purely energetic seed of potentiality. I then journey to retrieve that possibility; after, it will be blown into the client's crown chakra and anchored, through their body, into the Earth. The effect of this is that they are guided as to the ways in which they need to develop their whole being for that destiny to be realised, and are also made aware of the life choices that they need to make to further its unfolding.