Soul Retrieval

If an individual experiences, particularly at a young age, an incident that causes them to feel extreme fear or grief, the part of their soul that is affected by those emotions may flee, so as to protect its sanctity. Some of the symptoms that soul loss has occurred can be: prolonged anxiety, a sense of deep longing, feelings of emptiness, fitful sleep, a feeling of incompleteness or that something is perpetually missing from your life, loss of appetite, susceptibility toward addictive behaviour, feeling uncomfortable about being in your body, memory gaps or blockages, feeling that you are a spectator to your life rather than a participant in it, a consistently weakened immune system.

If it is diagnosed that a client needs a Soul Retrieval, I track, locate and then journey to where the soul part is. I then communicate with it about whether it is ready to return, and on what, if any, conditions. In addition, I may find a soul contract that the client has made in order to prevent the original wound from ever happening again. After the clinical work the client will be instructed on how they might want to re-negotiate this contract, as, over time, it may have gone from being a useful safety barrier to being a hindrance to their ongoing development. Once the soul part has returned it is blown into one of the client's chakras, so that they may henceforth feel a greater sense of presence and wholeness in their body and in the world.