The Rites

The four rites that I offer, all purely energetic transmissions, are seeds from which a person may develop new ways of being, new ways of engaging with life. These seeds will grow and inform you energetically as you feed them with your daily practices of personal development, whatever they might be. No fee is charged for the transmission of these rites. If requested, they are given as part of a session, with the intention that they will assist you in your inner and outer journeys towards a life of your conscious choosing. If you wish, I can also instruct you on how, after you have received them, to transmit these rites to others. To receive a rite takes ten minutes, and requires you to do nothing more than be open and still. It is suggested that you remain silent, for as long as you feel is appropriate, after the transmission so that you can be aware of the new energy and to notice if you intuit any information about how you can develop its potential.

The first rite is the Bands of Power. With this rite, five energetic bands are woven into your energy field. These bands represent the elements of earth, air, fire, water and pure light; thus, they facilitate the deeper alignment and integration of the recipient with the Earth, and with their own physical body as an expression of it. Furthermore, these bands offer strong protection against harmful energies and intentions from other people, breaking down and mulching any that might come your way. In these ways the bands provide, in a world filled with envy, fear and the prevalent abuse of power, a mechanism by which we can safely be fully present to, and engaged with, the world.

The second rite is the Kawaq (Seer) rite. With this, the energetic connections between the visual cortex, sixth chakra (also known as the third eye) and the heart chakra are stimulated. This rite thus assists you in seeing others, the world and yourself from the heart, thereby developing your compassion and empathy. In addition, your ability to perceive the 'invisible' energetic realms is catalysed, opening you to new experiences of reality.

The third rite is the Mosoq Karpay. Quechua words, 'mosoq' simply means 'new', and 'karpay' means 'rite'. At this time, the human species is going through a massive, potentially chaotic, transition in how it lives on the Earth. Reception of this transmission anchors an individual to the time beyond these great changes, and also awakens them to how they might need to further evolve so as to be able to safely and serenely navigate their way through this tumultuous epoch.

The fourth rite is the Taitanchi, ('Divine Consciousness'), rite. This seed of luminosity accelerates our evolution towards the level of consciousness at which we realise that we each are, in our own unique way, the Cosmos exploring and creating itself, without agenda, in a process that is grounded in tukumunayniyok (the all-encompassing power of unconditional love). As we gradually awaken to this, our own divine nature (known also as Buddhahood or Christ Consciousness), we realise that each individual has a tremendous capacity to co-create, with the Cosmos, their own evolutionary process toward whichever destiny they may choose. In this way, the individual who receives this rite is empowered to live and love life to its fullest, and is thus entrusted to creatively take life forward, to 'manifest heaven on Earth', in ways that are just, fulfilling and sustainable.