If a person is exposed, over a prolonged period of time, to an individual who harbours negative emotions and/or thoughts towards them then that negativity can eventually crystallise into the person's energy field as localised pain, or even illness. Crystallised energetic forms can also enter into our field as a consequence of a particularly intense confrontation with another person. In these ways, the expression 'to stab someone in the back' can be more than just a metaphor.

Additionally, if a person dies suddenly, traumatically or with unresolved business they can be left angry, confused and disorientated by the shock of no longer being attached to a physical body and the physical plane. Seeking solace, and to remain connected, these souls may attach themselves to the energy body of an acquaintance or loved one still living, although the host may be completely unaware that this has happened. Indicators that such attachment has occurred can be: inexplicable depression, extreme changes in mood, uncontrollable addictions, weight gain, and/or the host taking on the foibles, interests and personality traits of the deceased.

In the case of crystalline energies, once they have been identified they will be gently removed and the affected areas bathed in light in order to dissolve any residual heavy energy. If another being is found to be attached to a client's energy body, this soul will be compassionately and gently freed and guided on to the next phase of their journey, while the former host will be encouraged to undertake a ceremony to bless and honour the deceased.