Energy Medicine

Do you wish to steer your life towards new directions, experiences and possibilities, but find that your ability to do so is hampered by being caught in repetitive cycles of ill-health, unconstructive behaviour, negative thought, and/or heavy emotions? From the shamanic perspective, such patterns would be explained as the consequence of energetic imprints – resultant from generational inheritance, karma, harmful intent by other individuals, and/or trauma – stored in one or more of the soul's seven major energy centres (chakras). In addition, if a person suffers extreme trauma parts of their soul may fragment and flee, so as to protect their sanctity. As an experienced practitioner of Energy Medicine and Soul Retrieval I am able to assist an individual in shifting their affinities with the old patterns, so that they can move forward into the life that they hope for.

The clinical procedures that are offered are synthesised from healing practices that are used by indigenous peoples throughout the Americas, but particularly by shamans living in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes. This Energy Medicine is thus a contemporary, syncretic form of ancient shamanic practices; however, it is rooted primarily in the lineage and teachings of the Q'ero medicine men and women of the high Andes. These wisdom keepers, known as the masters of the living energy, have preserved and transmitted healing techniques that are gentle, non-intrusive and are carried out with minimal physical contact to the client, who lies down, fully clothed.

Alongside this ancient body of knowledge, in my work I also utilise sound, generated by instruments and/or by the voice, as a vessel for healing. The premise for both of these modalities is that each person has a multi-levelled being, which is fashioned in a manner similar to that of the matryoshkas, the Russian nesting dolls. Innermost is our physical body, next is the domain of the mind, comprised of our emotional and mental faculties, and then, encapsulating and informing these physical and senti-mental levels, there is the realm of an individual's energetic essence, i.e. the soul, its chakras, and the field that they collectively radiate outward. In this way, this realm is the organising principle of a person's entire being. Hence, clinical work is undertaken at the energetic level so as to heal the deepest, root cause(s), rather than attention being focussed upon the emotional, mental or physical manifestations of an individual's imprints. It should be clarified, therefore, that what is offered is not psychiatry. These procedures are intended to assist a client in the energetic release of whatever it might be that is holding them back, and thus do not include or require an extensive analysis or discussion of your issue(s). In the same way, the healing techniques that are offered can, in the event of physical disease or illness, be usefully integrated alongside allopathic medicine, but are not a substitute for it.

This work is offered to equip an individual with the ability, knowledge and tools to choose more consciously where their life is heading. With that in mind, while the benefits of Energy Medicine will be tangible after a single session, it is recommended that a prospective client considers committing to between four and six sessions, which usually allows them sufficient opportunity to acquire and experience what they need to. The content of a session is always completely confidential, hence you are free and safe to voice whatever you feel is necessary in order for the energetic release to take place; if you know what your issue is and can easily connect with the energy of it then you will not even need to put it into words if you do not wish to. As this work constitutes only a set of medicinal procedures, each individual is completely at liberty to interpret their experiences during the session in whichever religious, secular or spiritual framework they might choose to.