An Illumination is the foundational procedure for all of the clinical work that I offer. Two acupressure points are held on the back of the head to activate and stimulate the client's chakras and their energy field, which may, because of trauma, have previously withdrawn deep into the physical body. In their pristine state, chakras are spinning, vibrant, vortexes of light, but when a person experiences stressful and/or toxic circumstances and events their chakras can become clogged and sluggish from the energetic sludge that accumulates in them. Similarly, any debilitating karma resides in the chakras, which can also impede their functioning.

During the Illumination these heavy energies are gently released, a process that I will catalyse by periodically holding two other acupressure points during the course of the session. When this discharge has come to an end light is brought into the chakras to invigorate and nurture them, which can leave a person feeling lighter, more relaxed and radiant.