A Healing Session

A typical session is one and a half to two hours long. We begin with a consultation, of approximately 15 to 30 minutes duration, about the issue that you have chosen to work on. During this time I will track the possible causes of, and contributory factors to, your issue, so that it is not necessary for you to have gleaned insight into it prior to our initial session.

From the consultation we will proceed to the clinical work, the duration of which is variable. It is not necessary for you to have any knowledge or prior experience of the energetic realms for the procedures to be of benefit. All that is required is a willingness to participate and a willingness to release your issue. Hence, at this stage you can simply relax and allow the healing to happen within you. I may ask you periodically what, if anything, you are sensing with regard to colours, fluctuations in body temperature, images, memories, shapes, smells, sounds or words. It is emphasised that there are no right answers and that you have no obligation to share anything that you do not wish to. Anything that you do express, as at any stage of the session, will be given in complete confidence.

After the clinical work is over, the session will end with a 10 to 15 minute discussion. During this time I will suggest the home-play that you might subsequently do so as to help integrate the energetic shifts across all areas of your life. These exercises, which can include artwork, ceremonies, rituals and writing, can be as important to your ongoing development as the clinical procedures themselves, but it is left to your volition as to whether you undertake the home-play or not.

The concept of ayni (reciprocity) is fundamental to the Andean shamanic traditions. On that premise, if a shaman facilitates work that you are appreciative of it is considered customary and respectful to offer something in return. I would be extremely grateful if, to honour this ayni, you exchanged €140 for the session. If, however, offering this is not possible within your means, then please get in touch to agree a more feasible amount.

To prepare yourself for the work, it is asked that, if at all possible, you avoid alcohol and other inhibitors for three days before and after the session. However, if you are on prescribed medication, e.g. anti-depressants, you should continue to take it, as advised by your doctor. During the session itself, it would be preferable for you to wear light-coloured, fairly loose-fitting clothing, as this can be of assistance when tracking your energetic imprints.