The Great Rites

If a person is dying I can, if desired, assist them with the preparation for their passing. Through these gentle clinical procedures, and recapitulation exercises, a person whose life is ending can be empowered to die consciously, with dignity, at peace and with no unfinished business.

Alternatively, an individual who is at the point of death and who is ready to pass, but who seems to be struggling to disengage their soul from their physical body, can, with the consent of their loved ones, be assisted with their transition. For this I offer the Great Rites, in which the person's soul is compassionately and gently released from their physical body, and then guided toward the next phase of their great journey. This service will only be undertaken with permission, and if I am completely satisfied that the person is ready to move on. If appropriate, the Great Rites can also be given when an individual's physical body has just died.