Curse Removal

Generations before we were even born, one of our ancestors may have been cursed or jinxed by an enemy or rival. This hex, which can be transmitted down the family line, may be so deeply buried in our being that we are not even aware that it exists. Alternatively, an individual you have personally encountered who wishes upon you failure, harm or retribution for a perceived wrong may have planted, either consciously or unwittingly, imprints to those ends in your energy body.

Symptoms for both these cases can include: consistent bad luck or misfortune, a sense that something is holding you back in life, but you do not know what it is, the feeling that when you reach a certain point in your life you cannot go beyond it and as a result lose motivation or relapse to unconstructive behaviour, that you suffer from chronic depression that predates, or does not result from, any trauma, an inability to get a clear perspective on your hopes for the future. With ancestral curses, you may also have had the experience that at a certain age, in a certain location, and/or in a similar manner, different members of your family have all suffered the same accident or incident, even death.

If it is found that you have such a blockage in your energy body, it will be completely and safely disengaged and your affinity for it shifted, so that you are no longer bound or threatened by the malevolent intentions of others.